Prophetic Evangelism – 5 Tips to Overcoming Your Fear of Prophesying Over Strangers

Prophetic Evangelism – 5 Tips to Overcoming Your Fear of Prophesying Over Strangers

I have been drawing close strangers for approximately nine years with messages using the three gifts of prophecy, word of information, word of knowledge, and prophecy. In some of these nine years, i’ve give you five recommendations so one can triumph over your fear of practicing prophetic evangelism.

Tip 1 – Pray first.

The first actual component that I do is that I ask the Lord Jesus to move before me within the day and to lead me to the humans that He wants me to talk to. This is not continually just the human beings He desires me to talk prophetically to. I’ve many methods of witnessing and feature had a few years doing it. I have written masses of articles and my articles are pretty true at witnessing for themselves.

My prayers to fulfill the proper people ends in the proper people to take a seat next to me on a teach that i will witness to.

It helps me understand the human beings that God wants me to technique in a shopping centre are the proper human beings.

Tip 2 – allow the Lord show you who to speak to.

It is continually a great fear buster to recognize the person that the Lord Jesus is displaying you through having their pores and skin glow a touch bit extra than other peoples’ skin. Request prophetic word It’s miles constantly a great thing to peer the humans that God desires you to talk to status out from the relaxation of the people.

It does no longer take long to get this present of being able to identify the human beings that the Lord wants you to speak to. When you have prayed for the Lord to open up possibilities, you could make sure whilst someone stands out that it is a person that God desires you to talk to.

Tip 3 – Say a short prayer to conquer nerves.

Nonetheless today after doing heaps of prophetic words with strangers fear can still rise up in my coronary heart and i discover it very beneficial to say a short prayer and lay hands on my coronary heart and ask for the Lord Jesus’ peace. It is no good drawing close someone hyperventilating.

Tip 4 – Ask the Lord what the message is

One very good way to calm nerves is to pay attention what the Lord goes to say to the person who He wants you to approach.

One time the Lord desired me to method a totally attractive female with the prophetic gifts. It can show up anywhere at any time. This time the younger female was so stunning i was too shy to technique her while the Lord Jesus told me to. The Lord Jesus asked me if the girl changed into undeniable to study, i might method her however seeing as she was so true searching I would not. I replied sure that was the case.

He then asked me if He should proportion with me the message that He had for the younger girl.

“sure ok,” I said.

He said, “inform her that she has been praying for years for something that she needs very much but that isn’t what’s nice for her. She thinks if she can trojan horse me enough, like I said for human beings to do within the parable then i would answer her prayer. Inform her that I do not want what she wants in her life and that if she would simply permit move of that request i can soon provide her some thing an entire lot higher.”

I went and instructed the girl and she became happy that I instructed her.

Tip 5 – recognise which you only have to do what the Holy Spirit says to do

A few humans suppose that every attempt in prophetic evangelism has to quit with a conversion. This may occur greater when you have a stall in an area where human beings technique you. There may be simply an excessive amount of stress if someone thinks that they have to guide all of us that they approach to provide their lives to Jesus.

You simplest ought to do what the Holy Spirit wants you to do. Most of the time in my existence i’ve been planting seeds in peoples lives. Humans are in reality amazed that I realize so much approximately their life and they are honestly happy after I convey them a comforting message.

You too will have a lot much less fear whilst you recognize you handiest ought to do what the Holy Spirit wants you to do in every case.

I don’t know when you have ever stood at a Christian outreach to concentrate to some terrific songs and had an over zealous person try to convert you. They ask you in case you are a Christian, and when you say sure, they proceed to try and convert you or insult humans by using asking them do they speak in tongues.

This is precisely the way you sound whilst you try to convert a person when the Holy Spirit it now not leading it. Better to leave a notable flavor in a person’s life with a extraordinary prophetic word than try to do extra then God wishes you to do.

Permit me pray for you:


Lead these human beings along with your Spirit. To your Son’s name Jesus Christ, anoint these people with a brand new anointing. Lead these people to a person that could train them extra about the 3 prophetic presents and who can educate them the way to do prophetic evangelism. Lead them by your Holy Spirit.

Father let your Holy Spirit wax sturdy in this reader and if they can’t get someone to teach them within the prophetic presents, you deliver them the gifts Father proper now and use you Holy Spirit to train them how to walk in them and be effective. Father lead them to as productive as me and let them enjoy doing it as a whole lot as I do.

Lord lead your humans to You and extra of You. Lead them into prayer and into reward as they are seeking for Your face and are packed with Your choice to reach the human beings inside the global. Lord permit a majority of these people who study this now not best have the presents manifest, but grow to be stars within the prophetic.

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